Style #1007 Vinyl Siding

Sizes: : 8’x8’ up to 12’x30’
Sizes for the 8’x6’6″ Garage Door: For 12ft wide buildings only.
Siding: Smartsiding®, Vinyl Siding
Features: The vinyl siding shed is a classic gable style with a 4/12 roof pitch. This model is available with a 4′, 5′, 2-3′ aluminum doors, 5’x6′ or 6’x7′ roll up door, 6’ double aluminum doors or even an 8’x6’6″ garage door. Wammock provides many other options for customization like windows, shutters, outside lights, end doors, and more. Ask about the many options available for customization. *All Wammock buildings are built on notched skid floor system.*